For as long as we can remember, we've always had a passion for food. Our mission is simple: to provide you with a meal that's wholesome, delicious, and hassle-free.

This is a scratch kitchen. Everything on this menu is made here, in house, with love. Our meals are prepared fresh then flash frozen and vacuum sealed, meaning they're always ready when you are.

So whether you're a busy family on the go, or just looking to try something new, we'd like to welcome you to our kitchen.

No preservatives and no artificial ingredients

What's special about our kitchen...

...besides the people working in it? We are the only food preparation establishment in the state of Florida licensed by the Department of Agriculture to do what we do. We must have a HACCP Hazard plan that restaurants do not have to have. HACCP certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is built around seven principles: Conduct Hazard Analysis of biological, chemical or physical food hazards. Determine critical control points. We are a food manufacturer.

We hold a license that must be retested for every four years, and make upgrades at every inspection to stay current with state building, plumbing and electric codes. Restaurants get grandfathered in; they don't have to do upgrades, we do. We also have a variance from department of agriculture to have our oxygen free machines so we don't have to add additives or preservatives to the meals.

Our Philosophy

Brown's is very conscious of what goes into our food so you can be confident of what goes into your body. We use only the finest ingredients and top shelf custom seasonings to create delicious flavors. Our food is MSG free, low sodium and mostly gluten free. We only use Himalayan sea salt. And, we only use sugar (brown sugar) in a few dishes.

Brown's wants to be your solution to healthy, delicious meals whether you're on the go or unable to cook for any reason. Enjoy gourmet food freshly prepared, flash frozen, vacuum sealed, and ready for pick up or delivery.

Life's complicated, dinner shouldn't be.

Community Involvement

We're committed to our wonderful community and are proud to be part of what makes it special. This is more than our job, it's just one way we can give back and help make everyone's days a little easier.

Gift Certificates

A heartfelt gift that's actually helpful.

Delicious, handmade, wholesome meals for almost anyone: seniors, busy families, new moms, disabled, home bound, post surgery, veterans and anyone that wants to eat well but doesn't have the time or ability to prepare a complete meal. Give us a call at 941-468-9730, we can issue gift certificates for any amount.


Monday-Friday  10-6


773 US 41 Bypass S
Gulf Coast Plaza
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*10% Discount for Veterans, Active Duty Military, Firefighters, Rescue, and Police